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Throw the best Christmas party ever this year thanks to Amazon’s one-day board game sale

Amazon Gold Box Deal

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Are you starting to play your holiday get-togethers and wondering what you’re going to offer for entertainment when you and your guests get done with dinner? Don’t worry, because Amazon is running a terrific one-day Cyber Week sale on popular board games, toys, and card games, so you’re definitely covered. The deals range from popular board games like 5 Second Rule and Relative Insanity for $7.99 each and fun card games like Utter Nonsense Family Edition for $12.52, to tons of fun toys that young children will love. All ages are covered in this big sale, but the deals will disappear at the end of the day on Wednesday so take advantage while you still can.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game – New Edition

  • New! More than 150 fresh, new, fun cards!
  • Pick a card, read the seemingly easy topic, then start the timer! now with only 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic, it doesn’t seem so easy!
  • Players get tongue-tied, funny answers come flying out and laughter is sure to follow in this fast-paced party game
  • The twisted timer makes a fun “zoooooop!” sound as the marbles race down
  • For 3 or more players, ages 10 to adult
PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game - New Edition List Price:$13.75 Price:$7.99 You Save:$5.76 (42%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives

  • Featured on and played by the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray show and more! It’s a hilarious game about crazy family members and even crazier situations-perfect for game nights with friends and family
  • Read a setup card aloud, like, when my brother brought out his new baby to show the family, Granny blurt out
  • Then everyone else chooses a punch line card to finish the phrase, like maybe, you are not the father or somebody took a trip to the land of bad decisions.
  • And then the reader picks The funniest one to give that player a point-soo you gotta think about who the reader is and what they’ll find funny
  • Made and played by comedian Jeff Foxworthy; for 4 to 12 players, ages 14 and above
Relative Insanity -- Hilarious Party Game -- From Comedian Jeff Foxworthy -- Ages 14+ -- 4+ Pla… List Price:$15.26 Price:$7.99 You Save:$7.27 (48%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

5 Second Rule Junior

  • A family version of the popular party game
  • Read a card and give an answer. But you have to do it in 5 seconds
  • Silly answers are sure to slip out, and the whole family will have fun with this easily-played game
  • Includes 400 Questions on 200 Cards, 6 Pawns, 5-Second Twisted Timer, Game Board, Rules
5 Second Rule Junior List Price:$15.18 Price:$10.49 You Save:$4.69 (31%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

The Game of Things… New Edition

  • New, 25% new topics for fresh fun, and a cool plastic case
  • Read a topic and then write down a response, there’s no wrong answer
  • Read the responses aloud and guess who said what’s the entire family will enjoy; 300 topic cards, response pad, score pad, 8 pencils, instruction-all in the box
  • You won’t believe the thing, you’ll hear
  • For 4 or more players, ages 14 and above
PlayMonster The Game of Things... List Price:$19.78 Price:$8.99 You Save:$10.79 (55%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game

  • It seems easy to name three uses for your tongue, but can you do it in five seconds without getting tongue-tied and flustered?!
  • You gotta dig into the Smutty corner of your mind, while everyone’s staring at you and waiting to hear what you use your tongue for!
  • Fight through the laughter and just spit it out!
  • The twisted timer adds fun sound to the game; just don’t let its awesomeness distract you from winning!
  • For 3 or more players ages 17+ (because it’s Uncensored!); and you get 150 2-sided cards and the twisted timer
PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Uncensored -- Just Spit it Out... Or Not -- Quick Thinking Party Game… List Price:$11.99 Price:$9.79 You Save:$2.20 (18%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Utter Nonsense Family Edition

  • Combine silly voices and accents with even sillier phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous!
  • All players except the judge have to use the same accent/voice, so you are all in it together! Best of all is that many accents/voices can be interpreted differently, and that adds to the hilarity!
  • For example, maybe the accent/voice card is Baby. So, how’s your baby voice, huh? Go ahead…think about it. Funny, right? Now do that voice and say one of your phrase cards, like: “He’s gotta lotta sass for a skater boy. See ya later, boy.” Even funnier!
  • All players have to use the same accent/voice card that’s drawn, but you get to choose which of your phrase cards you use! You just want the judge to pick yours as the best!
  • It’s a fun, laugh-out-loud game for 4 to 20 players, ages 8+
  • Includes 50 accent/voice cards and 450 phrases
PlayMonster Utter Nonsense Family Edition - The Game of Funny Voices and Accents! Blue List Price:$21.69 Price:$12.52 You Save:$9.17 (42%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Lauri – Fun with Magnets

  • Includes magnet wand, horseshoe magnet, bar magnet, 2 ring magnets, 3 magnetic balls, compass, 8 nuts, 5 washers, wire, metal rod, 3 crepe rubber shapes, 8 2-sided activity cards with 14 experiments and fascinating facts
  • 14 fun and educational experiments!
  • Lots Of Experiments And Activities Include On Activity Cards
  • High quality toys and games
  • Products that are great fun from children to adults
  • Explore the magic of magnets!
  • 14 fun and educational experiments!
Lauri - Fun with Magnets List Price:$17.99 Price:$11.99 You Save:$6.00 (33%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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Save up to 60% on select toys and games by PlayMonster Price:$7.99+ Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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