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Andy Meek

Trending News Reporter

Since 2015
Top Channel Entertainment
Articles 4,452


Andy Meek is a reporter who has covered media, entertainment, and culture for over 20 years. His work has appeared in outlets including The Guardian, Forbes, and The Financial Times, and he’s written for BGR since 2015. Andy's coverage includes technology and entertainment, and he has a particular interest in all things streaming. Over the years, he’s interviewed legendary figures in entertainment and tech that range from Stan Lee to John McAfee, Peter Thiel, and Reed Hastings.

apple pay

Do you use Apple Pay? It’s (almost) everywhere now

August 18th, 2022

Nearly every business I visit now over the course of a day, with a few stubborn exceptions, thankfully allows me to go cash-free. At my favorite local breakfast spot, for example, I whip out my iPhone, tap the keypad, and I’m done. At Starbucks, Target, my favorite dinner destination, and more — the same story. …

Purple Hearts Netflix

The 10 biggest Netflix movies in the world this week

August 17th, 2022

One of the newest Netflix movies to hit the service, Purple Hearts, is on track to be one of the streamer’s biggest films of all time — but, at the same time, has also found itself the target of an intense backlash from viewers. Tons of viewers, for example, have bashed the movie on social …

look both ways netflix movie

5 new Netflix titles released today, including 1 you can’t miss

August 17th, 2022

From a new feature film starring the always effervescent Lili Reinhart to a handful of new series and movies from around the world, today’s batch of new Netflix releases, as always, should have something for everyone. Below, we’ll run down the newest titles hitting the streaming service today. As a reminder, it’s part of our …