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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Main

How to scan and sign documents on the iPhone

August 18th, 2022

Despite the dominance of devices, paperwork is still a part of life, whether we like it or not. The iPhone is the only tool you need to scan documents and sign them quickly without requiring additional devices or assistance. These features might not be immediately clear to all iPhone users, but they’re built into the …

Google Chrome browser running on multiple devices.

Update Chrome ASAP to patch a new zero-day vulnerability

August 18th, 2022

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — you should always keep all of your software up to date. There are simply too many cyberattacks to risk leaving vulnerabilities unpatched on any of your devices. We bring this up now because Google released a stable channel update for the Chrome browser this week …

iPhone 13 Pro Display

Why Apple’s cheapest iPhone 14 Pro should have 256GB of storage

August 18th, 2022

Several reports earlier this year said the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro models might pack 256GB of storage. That’s twice the flash memory of the base iPhone 13 Pro and the kind of upgrade many iPhone buyers would appreciate. That storage tier just came up again in a new research note from an analyst, who said …

iPhone 13 Pro Front

8 iPhone tricks that Apple never told you about 

August 18th, 2022

The iPhone is an exceptional computer to have in your pocket. That’s how you should look at it. The phone features are a bonus, but the iPhone goes above and beyond being a phone. The more you use the handset, the more proficient you will become. And there’s no shortage of iPhone tips and tricks …

An iPhone 13 Pro on a table next to Apple AirPods

iPhone 14 release date is September 16th – here’s how we know

August 18th, 2022

A trusted leaker said a few days ago that Apple might hold the iPhone 14 launch press conference on September 6th. Or a week earlier than we thought. A different well-connected Apple insider said earlier this week that the iPhone 14 launch event will take place on September 7th. If these reports are accurate, we …

iPhone 14 Pro rear camera module to be larger than iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will ‘likely’ get $100 price hikes

August 17th, 2022

Leaks have spoiled virtually everything there is to know about Apple’s iPhone 14 series, but they are still struggling to reach a consensus on the price. Some leaks say that every iPhone 14 model will get a price hike. Others say none of them will. But in recent weeks, more leaks have started to point …

Three Apple iPhones with apps on the screens

iOS 15.6.1 now available with bug fixes and security updates

August 17th, 2022

Nearly a month after the launch of iOS 15.6, Apple is now rolling out iOS 15.6.1. According to Apple’s release notes, iOS 15.6.1 “provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.” That’s all that we know about the update right now, but in the coming hours, we’re sure to find out more as …

iPhone 14 Pro render: Apple's new display design.

Apple will reportedly launch iPhone 14 on September 7

August 17th, 2022

Apple will reportedly hold an iPhone 14 unveiling on September 7. Bloomberg reports that the tech company behind Mac, iPhone, and iPad will showcase the latest lineup of its smartphone brand. We’ve seen multiple rumors over the months. If these reports prove true, we’ll get final confirmation of the features coming to the newest iPhone …