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iPhones showing various iOS 16 features.

Apple cracks down on sites with iOS 16 developer beta profiles

August 11th, 2022

Apple appears to finally be fed up with websites distributing developer beta profiles without permission. For years, websites like and have offered free profiles to users that did not pay to join the Apple Developer Program. As of this week, both websites are offline following reported threats of legal action against them.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber just announced its biggest expansion in 7 years

August 11th, 2022

It’s been a few years since Google Fiber made headline news. In 2016, a year after Google Fiber spun off into its own subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google put expansion plans on hold. In the years since, Google has been slowly building out its network in the cities and regions that it already services. But …

Apple Watch Series 8 Rumors

Apple Watch Series 8: Everything we know so far

August 10th, 2022

The Apple Watch Series 7 may still be relatively young, but we’re already turning our attention to the next model — tentatively titled the Apple Watch Series 8. The next-gen smartwatch could offer a complete redesign over this year’s Watch. Or it could refine what we already have. Either way, it’s likely to be the …

WhatsApp update will let you leave group chats silently.

WhatsApp will finally let you silently leave a group chat

August 10th, 2022

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. One of the reasons WhatsApp has stayed so popular is its commitment to privacy. This week, the company is introducing a few new privacy features, including the long-awaited ability to leave a group chat without alerting everyone.

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Nest Thermostat

Newest Nest Thermostat is $89, which is cheaper than Prime Day

August 11th, 2022

The Nest Learning Thermostat is still widely regarded as the best smart thermostat out there. Nest’s first model started the smart thermostat crazy, and it seems like a lifetime ago. But what’s crazy is that all these years later, it’s still one of the best in the business. Now, however, there’s a much less expensive …

NearMoon Rainfall Shower Head

Viral TikTok trick turns your bathroom into a spa for $20

August 11th, 2022

There are so many great products out there that have gone viral on TikTok in recent months. And most of these Amazon gadgets and gizmos from TikTok are shockingly affordable. Today we’re going to focus on a few of the best shower heads on Amazon. But there are so many great examples out there. We …

Best Deals Updating Live

Best Deals Today – Daily Deals & Sales: LIVE

August 11th, 2022

Where can you get the best deals online? Look no further because today, August 11, 2022, there are so many amazing sales. These are among the best cheap deals you’ll find anywhere online. Our expert commerce team with more than 40 years of combined experience has combed through hundreds if not thousands of deals to …

Amazon logo with a colorful background

Amazon gift card deals 2022: How to get $50+ for free

August 10th, 2022

There are so many incredible Amazon gift card deals available right now. As a matter of fact, so many of the best deals from Prime Day 2022 are still available right now. Looking for some highlights? First and foremost, our expert commerce team is highlighting Apple’s super-popular AirPods Pro at just $179.99, and AirPods 2 …

iJoy Stealth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

5 must-have smartphone accessories under $20 at Amazon

August 10th, 2022

The wide selection of available smartphone accessories on Amazon out there is a mixed bag. All those options for high-quality accessories are great, of course. But there are so many different choices out there that people often have trouble making decisions. Needless to say, we’re here to help you narrow things down to the very …