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New on Disney+: June 2024

Updated May 20th, 2024 5:36PM EDT
Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) in The Acolyte.
Image: Lucasfilm

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Disney+ has an exciting month of new releases in store for subscribers this April. Whether you are searching for new originals taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a galaxy far, far away, or classic animated movies and shows from the legendary Disney canon, Disney’s streaming service always has you covered.

In June, we’re getting the latest live-action Star Wars series, but this one is set years before the original trilogy. The Acolyte is set at the end of the High Republic era and follows a Jedi Master attempting to solve a series of violent crimes. Other highlights include Wahlburgers season 1 and a few new episodes of Doctor Who.

What’s new on Disney+ in June 2024

Streaming June 1

  • For the First Time in Forever: The Making of World of Frozen

Streaming June 3

  • World Eats Bread (S1, 3 episodes)

Streaming June 4

  • The Acolyte | Two-Episode Premiere
    • In Lucasfilm’s “The Acolyte,” an investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) against a dangerous warrior from his past (Amandla Stenberg). As more clues emerge, they travel down a dark path where sinister forces reveal all is not what it seems….
  • Erased: WW2’s Heroes of Color (S1, 4 episodes)

Streaming June 5

  • Disney Jr.’s Ariel: Mermaid Tales (Shorts) (S1, 10 episodes)

Streaming June 7

  • Doctor Who | Episode: Rogue
    • The Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday travel across time and space, with adventures all the way from the Regency era in England, to war-torn future worlds. Throughout their adventures in the TARDIS – a time-traveling ship shaped like a police box – they encounter incredible friends and dangerous foes, including a terrifying bogeyman, and the Doctor’s most powerful enemy yet.
  • Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation

Streaming June 8

  • Protecting Paradise: The Story of Niue

Streaming June 9

  • Celebrating Donald Duck’s 90th Anniversary: Crazy Over Daisy, Out on a Limb, DIY Duck

Streaming June 11

  • The Acolyte | Episode 3

Streaming June 12

  • Fiennes Return to the Wild (S1, 2 episodes)
  • SuperKitties (S2, 4 episodes)

Streaming June 14

  • Doctor Who | Episode: The Legend of Ruby Sunday

Streaming June 18

  • The Acolyte | Episode 4
  • Clotilda: The Return Home

Streaming June 19

  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (S4, 11 episodes)
  • Meet Spidey and His Amazing Friends (Shorts) (S3, 5 episodes)
  • To Catch a Smuggler (S7, 8 episodes)
  • Wicked Tuna (S13, 12 episodes)

Streaming June 21

  • Doctor Who | Episode: Empire of Death

Streaming June 25

  • The Acolyte | Episode 5

Streaming June 26

  • Beaches
  • Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (S3, 7 episodes)
  • Tiny House Nation (S1, 8 episodes, special episode “Tiny Haunted Houses”)
  • Wahlburgers (S1, 10 episodes)

Streaming June 28

  • Disney Jr.’s Ariel | Season 1, 8 episodes
    • “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” is an animated musical series for preschoolers inspired by the beloved story of “The Little Mermaid.” It follows 8-year-old mermaid princess Ariel as she and her friends embark on fun-filled, action-packed underwater adventures throughout their Caribbean-inspired fairytale kingdom of Atlantica and beyond. The series features fan-favorite characters, including King Triton, Ursula, Sebastian and Flounder, as well as exciting new additions like Ariel’s two best friends, mer-children Lucia and Fernie, and lots of other adorable sea creatures.

Streaming June 29

  • Chibi Tiny Tales (Shorts) (S5,8 episodes)
  • Paranormal State (S6, 8 episodes)
  • ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series (S1, 11 episodes)

That’s everything new coming to Disney Plus through the month of June 2024. We’ll be back next month with a list of all the TV shows and movies coming to the streaming service in July, including Bluey Minisodes and Descendants: The Rise of Red.

What’s new on Disney+ in May 2024

Streaming May 1

  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Season 3) | Episode 315 “The Cavalry Has Arrived”
    • Clone Force 99’s battle to survive the newly formed Empire comes to an epic conclusion.
  • X-Men ’97 | Ep 108 – Tolerance is Extinction – Pt 1
    • “X-Men ’97” revisits the iconic era of the 1990s as The X-Men, a band of mutants who use their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them, are challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected new future.
  • Life Below Zero: First Alaskans (S3, 20 episodes)
  • Marvel’s Daredevil (2003)

Streaming May 3

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

Streaming May 4

  • Star Wars: Tales of the Empire | All Episodes Streaming
    • “Star Wars: Tales of the Empire” is a six-episode journey into the fearsome Galactic Empire through the eyes of two warriors on divergent paths, set during different eras. After losing everything, young Morgan Elsbeth navigates the expanding Imperial world toward a path of vengeance, while former Jedi Barriss Offee does what she must to survive a rapidly changing galaxy. The choices they make will define their destinies.
  • How Not to Draw Shorts (Special R2D2 Episode) (S2, 4 Episodes)

Streaming May 5

  • Monsters at Work (Season 2) | All Episodes Streaming
    • In Season 2 of “Monsters at Work,” Tylor Tuskmon’s journey as a Jokester and his friendship with Val face the ultimate test. When new doors of opportunity unexpectedly open at rival energy company FearCo, Tylor’s co-workers at Monsters Inc. begin to question where his loyalties truly lie. As his Laugh Floor partnership with Val is pushed to the brink, Tylor must discover where he really belongs.

Streaming May 7

  • Billy & Molly: An Otter Love Story

Streaming May 8

  • Let It Be
    • Available for the first time in over 50 years is Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original 1970 film about The Beatles. First released in May 1970 amidst the swirl of The Beatles’ breakup, “Let It Be” now takes its rightful place in the band’s history.
  • X-Men ’97 | Ep 109 – Tolerance is Extinction – Pt 2
  • Me & Winnie the Pooh (S1, 7 episodes)
  • Playdate with Winnie the Pooh

Streaming May 10

  • Doctor Who | Episodes: “The Church on Ruby Road,” “Space Babies” and “Devil’s Chord”
    • The Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday travel across time and space, with adventures all the way from the Regency era in England, to war-torn future worlds. Throughout their adventures in the TARDIS – a time-traveling ship shaped like a police box – they encounter incredible friends and dangerous foes, including a terrifying bogeyman, and the Doctor’s most powerful enemy yet.

Streaming May 15

  • X-Men ’97 | Ep 110 – Tolerance is Extinction – Pt 3
  • Big City Greens (S4, 4 episodes)
  • Dino Ranch (S3, 5 episodes)

Streaming May 17

  • Doctor Who | Episode: “Boom”

Streaming May 22

  • Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life (Season 2)
    • Two tiny troublemakers have huge adventures while trying to live the good life in a big city park. Nervous worrier Chip and laid-back dreamer Dale make the perfect odd couple: they’re best buddies and they drive each other nuts. In their perpetual pursuit of acorns, these ultimate underdogs are joined by Donald Duck, Pluto, Butch and other iconic Disney characters as they face down bullies great and small.
  • Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of X-Men ’97
    • In the early 1990s, few beyond those who journeyed into the pages of Marvel comics had ever heard of “Rogue,” “Beast,” “Gambit,” or even “Wolverine.” But that sad state of affairs changed forever when “X-Men: The Animated Series” debuted on television and touched millions hungry for something different. The series was unlike any cartoon that had come before it, exploring themes of prejudice and social justice. The characters were super, but they were also outsiders, underdogs. Kids everywhere could relate – as well as adults. “Assembled” recalls the birth of “X-Men: The Animated Series” and its revival thirty years later as “X-Men ’97.” Spend time with the original cast members, along with new voices, as they reveal the stories behind the classic show and its uncompromising continuation.
  • Mickey Mouse Funhouse (S3, 5 episodes)

Streaming May 24

  • The Beach Boys
    • A celebration of the legendary band that revolutionized pop music, and the iconic, harmonious sound they created that personified the California dream, captivating fans for generations and generations to come. The documentary traces the band from humble family beginnings and features never-before-seen footage and all-new interviews with band members and other luminaries in the music business.
  • Doctor Who | Episode: “73 Yards”

Streaming May 28

  • Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (S4, 6 episodes)

Streaming May 31

  • Jim Henson Idea Man
    • Jim Henson Idea Man takes us into the mind of this singular creative visionary, from his early years puppeteering on local television to the worldwide success of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and beyond. Featuring unprecedented access to Jim’s personal archives, filmmaker Ron Howard brings us a fascinating and insightful look at a complex man whose boundless imagination inspired the world.
  • Doctor Who | Episode: “Dot and Bubble”

That’s everything new coming to Disney Plus through the month of May 2024.

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