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There’s only one iPad I want to see at Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ event on May 7th

Published Apr 24th, 2024 10:33AM EDT
Apple iPad event
Image: Apple Inc.

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Well, it’s official! After rumors it was happening in March or April and then thinking it might not happen at all, Apple has officially announced that it will be hosting a special event on May 7th. As you can tell from the artwork in the event announcement, it is going to be all about the iPad.

The event announcement and placeholder video on YouTube very clearly show a hand holding an Apple Pencil, so it’s not too subtle that the event is going to focus on introducing new iPad models and potentially also reveal a new Apple Pencil or Apple Magic Keyboard.

So far, the rumors are pointing to a new generation of the iPad Pro that might finally feature the OLED display that many have been waiting for. In addition, some rumors indicate that the company could announce a larger iPad Air to bring that model’s size options in line with the iPad Pro lineup.

While both of those would be great, there’s only one iPad I’m interested in hearing about on May 7th.

Bring me a new iPad mini

If there’s one announcement I’m holding onto hope for, it’s the next generation of the iPad mini. While there haven’t been much in the way of rumors for Apple’s tiny iPad to get an upgrade this spring, I really hope the rumor mill is wrong.

The sixth-generation iPad mini has been on the market for about the same amount of time as the fifth-generation iPad mini so that alone says that the iPad mini is due for a bit of an upgrade. But, between a new form factor, a USB-C connector, and a decent camera, what’s actually worthy of a new generation?

I think, like the upgrade expected on the iPad Pro, the upgrade worthy of a seventh-generation iPad mini is the display. Moving the front-facing camera to the landscape position — sure — but we need a display upgrade for a new iPad mini to make sense.

Apple iPad Mini 2021 Front
Apple’s iPad mini 2021 sitting on a table. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Like the iPad Pro and every other iPad in existence, the next iPad mini would be incredible if it came packed with an OLED display. After experiencing OLED iPhones for a few years now as well as my first round of OLED televisions, I am completely of the mind that, try as anyone might, OLED is the most beautiful display technology by a longshot on the market right now.

An OLED iPad mini would be a fantastic upgrade for anyone who uses their iPad to watch television shows, movies, or even read a book. There’s nothing like a display that can show true black levels instead of that grayish color the current LCD display is limited to.

I think I’m going to be let down

While an OLED display on the iPad mini would be incredible, I think we’re still a ways away from that actually becoming a reality. While the iPad Pro is expected to finally get the upgrade at Apple’s May event, it is currently expected to be the only iPad model getting it.

Even the new iPad Air isn’t expected to pack an OLED display anytime soon, so I think my iPad mini dream is exactly that — a dream. We’ll have to wait to see what happens when Tim Cook and team take the stage at the event next month, but my money’s on keeping my sixth-generation iPad mini for quite a while yet — even if it is the only iPad I want to see at the event.

Joe Wituschek Tech News Contributor

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