If you use Facebook with any sort of regularity, you’ve undoubtedly seen one of the many videos floating around right now about desiccant packs. Hey it’s better than fake news, right? Desiccants are those little packets filled with dehumidifying silica gel beads that you often find in packaging with things that are shipped to your house. Why are people so excited about desiccants right now? Because, as these videos illustrate, there are a bunch of great uses for these little packets beyond keeping sneakers dry in transit.

You can place them on your car’s dash under the windshield to prevent fogging. You can toss a smartphone or any other gadget in a bag of desiccants to dry it after an accidental dunk. You can drop some in with your razor to prevent oxidation and rust. The list goes on and on, and we’ll show you where to get these tiny little miracle packets for next to nothing.

Here’s a video (with some epic background music) that shows off some smart uses:

Here’s another video with more ideas:

Want to snag a whole bunch of desiccant packets without having to fish them out of your packages one at a time? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a 50-pack of 5-gram desiccant bags for just $11:

And here’s a 30-pack of 10-gram desiccant bags for the same price:

In both cases, you’ll find options on those Amazon pages to buy different quantities, so you’re covered  if you want a 200-pack of 5-gram desiccant bags or even a 2,000-pack of 10-gram bags.

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