A few weeks back, an unhappy Apple customer made headlines across the globe when he went on a destructive rampage inside of an Apple store in Dijon, France. In a video that naturally went viral, we see said customer angrily tearing iPhones off of their safety tethers and then smashing them with what we would come to learn was a petanque steel ball. Sparing no device, our protagonist also managed to destroy a MacBook before he was unceremoniously escorted out of the store. When the dust settled, the damage accrued was well into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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We’ve since come to learn via the French-language site Le Figaro that the man responsible for the property damage was recently sentenced to a suspended sentence of six months in jail and a two year probation period. He also agreed that he would not revisit the mall where the attack took place.

As to the motivation behind the destruction, he said that he was shocked when the Apple Store failed to reimburse him for a faulty iPhone device, subsequently causing him to fall into what he categorized as a monster-like state of anger. The report adds that the court overseeing the case awarded Apple nearly $20,000 in damages. The figure would have apparently been higher but the court took into consideration the fact that the destroyed devices were demo units that weren’t intended to be sold to the general public.

And in case you missed the video the first go-around, you can check it out below.

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