It’s been over two years since Warner Bros. bought the movie rights to indie hit Minecraft, but it took until today for developer Mojang to finally reveal that the Minecraft movie has a release date. (Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be a while.)

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According to Mojang, the movie will be released on May 24th, 2019 in 3D and IMAX formats. That’s an incredibly long wait for a movie about a game that launched in 2011, “but it just so happens to be the right amount of time to make it completely awesome,” says Mojang COO Vu Bui.

Minecraft: The Movie will be directed by Rob McElhenney (best known for his role as Mac on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), but that’s all we really know.

As a pure sandbox game, Minecraft doesn’t have a traditional story, but Mojang has partnered with Telltale Games to make an episodic adventure game called Story Mode that explores a group of characters living in the virtual world. Perhaps the movie will take a page or two out of Telltale’s book?