When comedian David Spade and model Charlotte McKinney team up to make fun of Coachella for Funny or Die, you just know it’s going to be a hilarious must-watch video. And the duo does indeed deliver. In less than four minutes, Spade gives McKinney “the third degree” before allowing her to enter the festival.

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Spade’s line of questioning is hilarious, as is his judgmental attitude toward Coachella fans. McKinney’s responses are just as funny. She reveals she’s going to be at Coachella for about three days, she’s been on a diet all her life, and she has brought 32 outfits with her, obviously.

Her worst time at Coachella was when she forgot her cool sunglasses and had to use a backup pair. Being molested by a bouncer is a distant runner-up.

McKinney learns that there are bands at the show, and says the most followers anyone she’s had sex with at Coachella has had is 28,000. But hey, don’t let us spoil all the jokes — watch the entire thing below.