We knew somebody hacked CIA Director John Brennan last October, but we had no idea who the person was and how old they may have been. Since the attack on Brennan, the attacker known as “Cracka” struck again, focusing on the Director of National Intelligence in early January. Furthermore, Cracka is believed to have leaked the personal details of thousands of FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees online recently.

A report now reveals that the person suspected to have done all this is a British 16-year-old boy who was recently arrested for his alleged cybercrimes.

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The boy, whose identity has not been revealed, was kept seven hours in a prison cell before being released on unconditional bail. The alleged hacker refused to answer any questions from the police, Motherboard reports, telling the tech site that “I’m not who you think I am ;) ;) ;)”, and that he’s innocent until proven guilty.

Meanwhile, U.K. law enforcement confirmed the arrest to the Daily Dot.

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