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hidden camera in towels

Worried your Airbnb might have a hidden camera? Follow these steps

July 4th, 2022

Airbnbs are convenient and often much more affordable lodging options for travelers compared to what’s usually available from a nice hotel. Still, there are tradeoffs with everything, and with that convenience comes the suspicion from some Airbnb guests that … the owners totally have a hidden camera in here somewhere. That’s one finding, in fact, …

Woman holding feeding bottle of baby milk formula on wooden background

New baby formula recall: Dangerous recalled formula was sold by accident

June 23rd, 2022

The baby formula crisis has swept the nation following the massive Abbott baby formula recall from mid-February. The action followed the death of a baby who consumed Abbott formula. Since then, the death toll increased, with authorities investigating as many as nine deaths. And the Abbott recall just triggered another baby formula recall from Shoppers …

Closeup of dark chocolate chips with a bowl of peanut butter

Urgent dessert recall: These 4 delicious desserts can make you very sick

June 22nd, 2022

The massive JIF peanut butter recall from a few weeks ago continues to trigger additional recalls. We’ve already seen several types of desserts made with peanut butter pulled from stores following the peanut butter recall, and that’s because the JIF products are responsible for a Salmonella outbreak in the US. The newest JIF-related recall involves …