Whenever Apple introduces a new product, or even happens to make headlines, Conan is always quick to deliver some sort of video parody or satirical video. In the wake of Apple’s iPhone X event, Conan last night aired a new video mocking Apple’s new Face ID technology.

Conan’s Apple-themed videos are typically hit or miss and this video, I’d venture to say, is nothing special. There are a few mild laughs to be had, at most, but the video doesn’t really offer up anything creative or clever.

The premise of the video is pretty straightforward and involves random folks, some odder than others, asking an assortment of questions about the technology. For instance, one audience member asks a man dressed as Apple executive Craig Federighi if he remembers the, dare I say, classic movie Face Off featuring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. Later on, another audience member asks ‘Federighi’ how many faces the technology can recognize, all the while holding a garbage bag filled with human heads.

I thought the video was pretty lazy, but you can judge for yourself below.