If you’ve never heard of Aura, prepare to be amazed. This futuristic security solution is capable of detecting motion anywhere in your home, and it can blanket your whole house with just a few “beacons.” Aura can instantly detect motion anywhere in your house, but it doesn’t use a single conventional motion detector or any cameras. How does it work? The Aura Starter Kit consists of two beacons that are strategically placed in your home. Then the system monitors the Wi-Fi signal in your house and it can detect motion anywhere within a 700 square foot range. Have Aura alert you to movement when you’re away, and use it for automation when you’re home thanks to IFTTT integration. It’s an awesome solution, and it’s in stock right now on Amazon.

Here’s a blurb on how it works: “Unlike other sensors that use heat or light, Aura uses wireless signals to accurately detect motion. WiFi moves throughout your home creating a pattern. When there is movement in the home, the pattern is disrupted. Aura then classifies the movement as people, pets, or mechanical (like a fan).”

And here are some more details from the product page:

  • Easy setup: Simply plug in the devices and download the Aura app to get started
  • Coverage: Use the Aura Starter Kit to cover up to 700 square feet, and add up to 3 -Accessory Beacons to expand coverage and unlock motion localization capabilities
  • Automation: Connect Aura to your favourite smart home products using IFTTT, or control Aura’s Scenes by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Privacy: Aura has no cameras or microphones so rest assured you can keep your private life private

If you want to cover more than 700 square feet, you can get additional beacons here:

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