I really can’t get enough of people filming themselves doing insane things on the Internet. Earlier today, I stumbled across a video put together by a Norwegian reality TV show a couple of years back called Ikke Gjør Dette Hjemme (“Don’t Do This At Home”) in which its two hosts used a vacuum cleaner to suck up a bunch of gunpowder and then had it roll over a lit cigarette. Even better: They filmed the whole sequence in slow motion.

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Here’s the gun powder that the vacuum cleaner is going to inhale:

However, nothing happens after the vacuum inhales all the gunpowder on the rug. This leads our hosts to add a fun new variable to the equation in the form of a lit cigarette:

You can guess what happens next…

The entire glorious video of hilariously senseless destruction follows below. And as the Norwegians say in their show’s title, you really should not try this at home:

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