What’s the nerdiest physical activity you can think of? Live-action role-playing (a.k.a., LARPing) is certainly at the top of the list. But what if you took LARPing and added hoverboards to the equation? That sounds like the nerdiest thing ever, right? Well guess what: It’s a real thing now.

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A video posted by ChannelSuperFun and featuring popular YouTube tech personality Linus Sebastian shows just how much fun it can be to dress up in full Medieval armor and engage in jousting competitions while riding on top of Swegways. The trick is to not only get to a proper velocity on the Swegway to knock your opponent off their unit but also to land a solid blow with the cardboard lances they created for the event. And of course, you have to maintain your own balance the whole time while attacking your opponent.

This entire competition looks insanely fun. Check out the full video below.