Silicon Valley, the only show that can make life in San Fransisco seem funny, is back this spring. The first teaser trailer for the fourth season has just dropped, and it seems that just as the company is taking off, Richard has finally lost it.

From the looks of the teaser trailer, Season 4 will be the moment in the TV show where we take a step back from Pied Piper, and start following Richard’s mid-life crisis. Flustered by the eventual success of his company, it seems that Richard wants to quit to do something else and new.

We don’t know exactly what the “new” is quite yet, but Jared seems to be on board with the screaming.

Silicon Valley received eight Emmy nominations for its last season, and it looks like this year’s edition will be on pace to get a few more. The new show starts on April 23rd, on HBO as ever.