Today, beleaguered microblogging site Twitter announced that it’s killing off Vine, the strange mobile video app that it launched four years ago.

Despite the large team of developers and integration with one of the world’s largest social networks, Vine found it difficult to compete with GIFs, the cutting-edge moving-image format developed by a bored programmer in 1987.

Vine leaves behind a sad team of venture capitalists, and millions of six-second videos that are doomed to loop on the web forever.

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In a moving Medium post, the Vine team announced that it will be discontinuing the app “in the coming months,” while the immediate plan is to keep the website alive as a living memorial to everything thas has been Vined over the last four years. There will also be a way to download Vines for safekeeping, which should make the producers of America’s Funniest Home Videos ecstatic.

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