We all know the viral videos showing Coke having an adverse reaction to Mentos. But what happens when you mix Coca-Cola and kitchen salt? One guy set out to find out, and the results are incredible.

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Posted on YouTube channel Rumble Viral, the video shows that Coke’s chemical reaction with the salt is as impressive and violent as the Mentos experiment. Salt reacts with Coke almost immediately and produces a volcano-like eruption.

Despite this, it doesn’t mean that drinking Coca-Cola after enjoying a salty meal will result in a similar reaction in your stomach. After all, what you see in the video below is only possible when a large enough quantity of Coke meets a large amount of salt. You may be drinking a lot of soda, but you’re probably not eating as much salt with your regular meals as you’d need to cause these explosions.

Check out the full video below.

Since we are talking about mixing Coke with other substances, you’ll want to stay away from bleach.