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Christian de Looper

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Christian de Looper was born in Canberra, Australia, where he lived until the age of 14. After his father got a job in Paris, France, Christian lived there for five years, after which he moved to Minnesota for college. During college, Christian developed a passion for consumer technology by writing for tech blogs. Christian now lives in sunny Santa Cruz, California.

Best Streaming Devices

Best streaming devices in 2022

February 20th, 2022

We have gone away from the question, “What channel is that show on?” as a society. Now, you’re more likely to ask someone, “What platform is that show on?” So much of TV these days can be classified based on where someone can watch it. That makes choosing the best streaming device for your needs …

Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ Interface

Best Roku TVs in 2022

February 19th, 2022

Roku is easily one of the best smart TV platforms, thanks to its easy-to-use interface, wide array of smart features, and more. In recent years, Roku has gotten even better, adding support for features like Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay 2. Because of this, it would make sense to want a Roku TV. But which one …

Apple TV 4K 2021 Main

Roku Ultra vs Apple TV 4K

February 18th, 2022

While many TVs these days have smart operating systems built right into them, those operating systems aren’t always great. That’s exactly where a smart streaming player comes in — as a way to get a solid streaming experience, with smart home integration, and more. Two of the best of those players are the Roku Ultra …

Focal Celestee Main

Focal Celestee headphones review

February 18th, 2022

Over the past decade or so, Focal has released some of the best high-end headphones around. Headphones like the Focal Utopia and Focal Stellia make a serious case for themselves as some of the best headphone options for true audiophiles. But they’re also extremely expensive. That’s where the new closed-back Focal Celestee headphones come in. …

Roku Streaming Stick 4K+

Roku streaming devices compared

February 17th, 2022

Roku’s streaming devices are arguably the easiest way to turn an old TV into a smart one, or to get a more versatile, easy-to-use streaming interface onto your newer TV. The company’s streaming devices start at low prices, and while the interface can look a little dated at times, it’s extremely easy to navigate, and …

2022 Mini Cooper Front

2022 Electric Mini Cooper SE review

February 17th, 2022

Eventually, all cars will be electric. As we head towards an electric future, some carmakers are building all-new models with futuristic designs, like Ford, with the Mustang Mach-E. Others, however, are opting to put electric motors in their existing cars — and in some cases, we’re glad. The 2022 Mini Cooper is available with an …

XGIMI Elfin Portable Projector

XGIMI Elfin projector review

February 16th, 2022

XGIMI may not be quite as big of a name as the likes of BenQ and Canon, but they’ve been slowly but surely building out their projector lineup over the past few years. The XGIMI Elfin is built to be high-quality, yet still very portable. That puts it in direct competition with newer products from …


AT&T 5G: What you need to know about AT&T’s 5G network

February 15th, 2022

5G networks are coming, whether you’re going to use them or not. A few short years ago, 5G was nothing but a buzzword — but these days, 5G networks are relatively widespread, available, and…not incredibly fast yet. AT&T and Verizon were both quick to deploy 5G networks, but both started with the ultra-fast, but extremely …

Roku Streaming Stick 4K+

How to watch live TV on Roku

February 14th, 2022

Roku is easily one of the best streaming platforms out there, thanks to the fact that it supports almost all major streaming services. But not everyone wants to stream their TV all the time. Sometimes, live TV is still the way to go — especially when it comes to things like sports. That’s why we’ve …