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IRS refund

IRS says to do this one thing to get the biggest possible tax refund

April 24th, 2021

In a normal year, one in which the country wasn’t dealing with the catastrophic public health and financial impacts of a global pandemic, tax season would already be winding down. We’re now a week past the normal April 15 federal tax filing deadline, which this year has been extended until May 17. This means there’s …

vehicle recall

Nearly 150,000 vehicles were just recalled over fire hazards

April 22nd, 2021

Recalls can happen to a vehicle at any point in its life. Some cars are recalled many years after they initially hit the road, after it becomes clear that some component or system fails after a certain amount of time. Others are recalled much sooner after they leave the assembly line, and that’s what just …

drug recall

If you take this popular supplement, stop now, because it’s actually Viagra

April 20th, 2021

I’ve written at length about the ridiculous and troubling trend of “all-natural male enhancement” supplements being recalled. They have the most ridiculous names and they’re sold by companies you’ve never heard of and probably can’t pronounce. They almost always are imported from overseas where drug regulations are more relaxed and, more often than not, they …

food recall

If you bought this delicious snack, don’t eat it

April 15th, 2021

If your regular trips to the grocery store include a stop in the snack aisle, you’re not alone. Companies like Hostess have built huge businesses on the assumption that we’re never going to stop eating sugary treats, and they’re probably right. Unfortunately, packaged snacks aren’t any more immune to product recalls than any other type …

pet food recall

Stop feeding your pet this popular pet food immediately

April 14th, 2021

Pet owners will do whatever they can to keep their pets healthy (if you have a pet and don’t feel that way, you probably shouldn’t have a pet), and that includes providing quality food. Unfortunately for cat lovers, one of the most popular brands of cat food just issued a recall for bags that were …