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Netflix just delivered a huge blow to Disney

It was just last week that Disney declared a streaming war on Netflix by announcing plans to create two streaming services for movies and sports. Disney also said that come 2019, it’ll stop >>

It’s official: Uber is in crisis

Literally hours after we published a (very long!) list of all the execs who have jumped ship from Uber this year, more bad news landed about Uber’s management situation. Benchmark Capital, a venture >>

Comcast’s customer service sucked a tiny bit less last year

Comcast, one of America’s most-hated brands, has seen a tiny improvement this year. According to FCC complaint data obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, complaints about Comcast’s internet fell 43 percent between May 2016 and May >>

It looks like Sprint and Charter could merge very soon

You can tell the end times are approaching, because all the nation’s biggest telecoms companies are trying to become even bigger. Just days after we heard about a very serious proposal for Comcast >>