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sony News

Insider says PS5 has serious performance problems

Sony hosted a PS5 deep dive in March to discuss the system architecture of the next-gen console. We learned about many of the most important specifications of the PS5, but we didn’t get >>

PlayStation download speeds now being slowed down in the US

PlayStation download speeds have been slowed and delayed in Europe in order to reduce the strain on service providers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Sony announced this week that those slowdowns >>

PS5 release is definitely happening this holiday season

Sony made subtle changes to the PlayStation 5 website that seems to suggest the new console’s holiday 2020 release window is still very much in place. Recent reports suggested that the PS5’s launch >>

What if the PS5 is much cheaper than we expect?

The Xbox Series X has an edge over the PS5 when it comes to specs, but Sony’s console could have a formidable weapon. The PlayStation 5’s price, often rumored to be set at >>