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Car coverage including the best electric cars reviews from Porsche, Tesla, and more.

Videos of Tesla’s new Enhanced Summon feature surface online

March 22nd, 2019

Tesla’s Autopilot plans haven’t exactly progressed as rapidly as Elon Musk initially claimed. If you recall, Musk a few years ago said that a Model S in 2017 would be able to drive itself from New York to Los Angeles with no driver interaction at all. While that obviously never came to pass, that hasn’t …

Model Y

Tesla officially unveils the Model Y

March 15th, 2019

After years of speculation, and months of teasing, Tesla late on Thursday night finally unveiled the Model Y. Though the build up to the Model Y reveal didn’t engender as much excitement as, say, the Model 3, Tesla’s newest crossover vehicle does bring a lot to the table. Design wise, the Model Y is about …

Fear of self driving cars

Most Americans are still afraid of self-driving cars, new study reveals

March 14th, 2019

When it comes to the safety of self-driving cars, reports of traffic accidents, like the one in early 2018 involving an Uber self-driving car that struck and killed a women in Arizona, are still extremely sporadic and far from the norm. Nevertheless, such crashes (which at times produce a fatality) may be the reason that …


Tesla reverses course on price cuts amid plans to keep most stores open

March 11th, 2019

One of the more interesting and admirable things about Tesla over the years has been the company’s clear vision and unwavering adherence to a coherent product strategy. As laid out in the first installment of Tesla’s master plan more than a decade ago, the company described in clear terms its plan to revolutionize the auto …

Porsche Taycan

Tesla faces stiff competition as Porsche plans to boost Taycan production

March 8th, 2019

It’s starting to look like Porsche’s forthcoming Taycan is poised to give Tesla some serious competition in the luxury EV space. Earlier this year, word surfaced that Porsche was doubling production from 20,000 units to 40,000 units due to overwhelmingly strong demand. While that was nothing more than a rumor, Porsche has since confirmed plans …