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T-Mobile has the best LG V30 deal in town

With all the new phones launched in the last two months, it’s easy to forget about the LG V30. The phablet is actually one of the best Android devices launched this year, and >>

T-Mobile’s trolling of Verizon just hit a new level

Google’s new Pixel 2 is finally official, and just like last year, it’s a Verizon exclusive. But boring things like exclusive distribution contracts aren’t going to stop an opportunity for a good troll >>

The Galaxy S8 Active is finally coming to T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is a fantastic phone. In an era of glass-coated devices that crack from a small drop, the mildly rugged (but still usable) S8 Active is a beacon of >>

T-Mobile fixed its bad Apple Watch data plan

Welp, that didn’t take long. T-Mobile has fixed the data plan it’s offering for the Apple Watch Series 3 to include LTE data, rather than the throttled 3G-speed plan it was initially hawking. >>

Sprint just declared war with a free iPhone 8 deal

Last year, all four big carriers hammered each other with iPhone 7 pre-order deals that were great for customers, but terrible for the bottom line. 2017 was supposed to be different. Forget the >>