T-Mobile News

T-Mobile is desperate to get rid of the iPhone 7

There’s only a couple months left until the iPhone 8 should be announced, which means it’s fire sale time on the iPhone 7. Most of the major carriers have stock left, and with >>

T-Mobile can’t stop making money

T-Mobile, the little magenta phone company that could, isn’t so little any more. On Wednesday, it posted yet another stellar set of quarterly results, blowing away analyst estimates on the financial side. But >>

T-Mobile will quietly hike prices to Verizon levels

According to a post on Reddit and T-Mobile retail employees who talked to BGR, T-Mobile is planning on increasing the price of the One Plus add-on this week. One Plus currently costs $5 a month, and >>

AT&T is making its prepaid plans a whole lot better

AT&T appears to be overhauling its prepaid plans. While that might sound like the most boring thing you’ve heard all day, it’s actually great news for anyone who wants a simple, SIM-only plan >>