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These US states are about to have a brutally hot summer

Published Apr 27th, 2024 10:33AM EDT
Heatwave Canada
Image: mbruxelle/Adobe

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a stark warning, claiming that we are in for a brutally hot U.S. summer, with several states seeing record-breaking days of heat. This increased heat index could lead to additional droughts and threats of wildfires, the NOAA notes.

The NOAA says that the incoming weather events are likely tied to the ongoing El Niño event in the Pacific Ocean, with cooling ocean temperatures expected to be seen across the tropical area. However, these cooler temperatures are likely going to be associated with hotter-than-average conditions in large parts of the United States.

However, some forecasters say that the ongoing issues with human-caused climate change are likely behind the brutally hot U.S. summer trends we’re seeing, at least more than the current El Niño event. This increased countrywide heat index isn’t new, either. Over the past several decades, places like Austin, Texas, have seen an increase in 100-degree days than the city saw in the past.

thermometer on windowsill, showcasing rising global tempsImage source: OlegDoroshin / Adobe

This is all troubling news as increased heat means increased risk to any individuals working outside or even indoors, where air conditioning might be more limited. While many states are equipped with proper air conditioning equipment, some northern states where the heat levels haven’t often called for it may not have it in every house.

You can see the full markup of places expected to see a brutally hot summer in the U.S. this year for more details about what to expect in your home area. Research into the ongoing causes of the increased heat waves we’re seeing will continue, though current trends definitely support the hypothesis that these waves wouldn’t be possible without human-driven climate change.

That’s certainly concerning as we move into the summer, and something that should hopefully help push even more companies to become more aware of their carbon footprint, and the consequences their actions have on a global scale.

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