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Climate Change News

Scientists consider wild plan to dim the Sun to save Earth

Scientists published a paper discussing the possibility of using particles shot into the atmosphere to reduce sunlight and calm global warming. The plan would reduce the chances of a serious drought by up >>

Carbon dioxide levels just hit a scary new high

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reached a new record high based on a new report from scientists studying the trends. As a greenhouse gas, CO2 traps heat, gradually warming the Earth and prompting a >>

Hurricanes are getting stronger, and it’s all our fault

A new study reveals that hurricanes are indeed getting more powerful on a decade-by-decade basis. The study also draws strong links between more powerful storms and man-made climate change resulting in warmer ocean >>

Blood-red snow now covers parts of Antarctica

If you have an image in your head of Antarctica as a blindingly white winter wonderland, this photo of blood-red snow covering the ground will likely challenge that. As LiveScience reports, the images >>

Climate change could make us dumber… literally

Some might argue that mankind’s gradual destruction of planet Earth is proof that we’re not the smartest species around. I mean, how smart can we really be if we, as a species, refuse >>