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Nintendo Switch review: A welcome return to form

Nintendo set a low bar with the Wii U. All the Switch needed to be was competent to meet our expectations, but something clearly changed behind the scenes at Nintendo after the disastrous >>

Nokia Lumia 710 review

Nokia proved it was back in the smartphone game when it launched the Lumia 800 last year. But can its Lumia 710 gain the attention of U.S. consumers? Many would argue that Nokia should >>

Nokia Lumia 800 review

Nokia once had a big stake in the U.S. smartphone market. I remember being jealous in high school that I couldn’t tell anyone my Snake high score because I carried a Motorola phone. >>

HTC Vivid review

Late last month, AT&T unveiled the first two smartphones that would launch with the ability to access its brand new 4G network (not to be confused with its old 4G network). The Samsung >>