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How to score another year of Amazon Prime for $99

You’ve probably heard the devastating news by now, Amazon Prime is going to be $20 more expensive than it used to be, or less than $2 extra per month. That shouldn’t be such >>

Amazon Prime is getting more expensive

During its Q1 2018 earnings call, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky told reporters that Amazon is increasing the price of its annual subscription from $99 per year to $119 per year. The new pricing will >>

Amazon just announced a new version of the Echo Dot

Amazon on Wednesday took the wraps off yet another Echo device. Well, it’s not exactly new, it’s the same Echo Dot you’ve grown to love over the years. But this time around, we’re >>

Amazon has a plan to narc on every single Bitcoin user

Although initial coin offerings and the blockchain have taken over seemingly every company, tech-related or not, the big tech companies have been understandably reluctant to get into something so associated with a scam. >>