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Mike Wehner

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pet food recall

This pet food recall just got a whole lot bigger

October 13th, 2020

Pet food manufacturer Sunshine Mills has expanded a recall of several brands of its pet food over concerns that mold produced elevated levels of toxins.  The food can induce vomiting and produce other symptoms. The original recall was issued in September, and this is an expansion of that recall. Listen, I can deal with all …

homepod mini

The HomePod mini is real, and here it is

October 13th, 2020

Apple revealed a smaller form factor of its HomePod speaker during the company’s new product event today. The speaker is like a pint-sized version of the larger HomePod. Today at Apple’s iPhone 12 event the company took a moment to offer HomePod fans something a little bit different. It’s a smaller, cheaper version of the …

bennu rivers

Scientists spot hints of flowing water on asteroid’s surface

October 12th, 2020

The asteroid known as Bennu has revealed some tantalizing secrets to NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Some rocks and surface features of the asteroid appear to indicate that water once flowed on its surface or that of its parent asteroid. NASA’s asteroid probe will begin its return journey to Earth in December and arrive back to Earth …

are you annoying

Are you annoying? Check this list to find out

October 12th, 2020

It can be difficult to know how much people enjoy your presence, but a new list makes it nice and easy. Things like how people speak to you, how they react to your rants, and even what their eyes do while you’re talking can offer hints. If you’re annoying, you can take steps to mitigate …

binary star

Feast your eyes on a gorgeous ‘time bomb’ star

October 12th, 2020

Researchers showcase a binary star that is rapidly burning through its fuel. The star, named Apep, is likely about to explode. It sits at a distance of 8,000 light-years from Earth, so it may have already exploded and we just haven’t seen it yet. Our Sun is a relatively predictable star. We know that it …

crew dragon delay

NASA’s first real Crew Dragon mission has been delayed

October 12th, 2020

SpaceX and NASA have announced that the next crewed mission in Crew Dragon (the first non-test flight of the spacecraft) will be delayed by a week or two. The delay comes as SpaceX wishes to investigate some bizarre data regarding a recent Falcon 9 launch. The mission is now scheduled to take place by mid-November. …

food recall

If you have any of these crackers in your cupboard, throw them out

October 12th, 2020

A cracker distributor accidentally packed a bunch of product boxes with peanut butter cookies. The cookies themselves aren’t harmful unless you have a peanut allergy, and that was enough to trigger the recall. It’s unclear exactly how many packages were messed up, but the company claims it was a small number. As though we need …

mars dunes

Fossilized dunes on Mars offer clues to the planet’s history

October 11th, 2020

Images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show dunes on Mars that have been fossilized and frozen in time. The dunes are likely the same as they were roughly one billion years ago, researchers say. Studying the dunes can reveal much about the planet’s climate history. Here on Earth, you don’t have to look far to …

humans still evolving

Humans are still evolving, and here’s the hard proof

October 10th, 2020

Scientists have been monitoring the development of a new evolutionary change in humans. More people are being born with an “extra” artery running down their forearms. The change is likely to be present in most humans by 2100. As much as we’d like to believe that we’re the end-all, be-all of the natural process of …

puss caterpillar

A venomous caterpillar is invading Virginia

October 9th, 2020

A hairy venomous caterpillar is invading Virginia, and it might make you throw up. Touching the caterpillar puts you at risk of a rash, fever, and even vomiting. The caterpillar is native to southern states but isn’t typically found in Virginia. Some people don’t like bugs. That’s totally understandable, as many bugs are kinda creepy, …