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Mike Wehner

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starlink beta

Elon Musk boasts that Starlink beta is coming soon

October 7th, 2020

SpaceX recently launched the latest batch of its Starlink satellites after launch delays. The satellites will provide high-speed data service to various parts of North American and Canada, early in this testing phase. A public beta of the service could roll out as soon as the satellites are in the right position, according to a …

hand sanitizer recall

If you have any of these 200 hand sanitizers, throw them away immediately

October 7th, 2020

The FDA published a list of all the hand sanitizer brands that may contain bad ingredients.  Ingredients like methanol can cause harm and many new brands include it without customer knowledge. Always used trusted, safe hand sanitizer brands. Ever since the very start of the coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitizer has been a hot item that …

tess photo

NASA’s latest TESS image will make you feel so, so small

October 6th, 2020

NASA’s TESS satellite has completed its survey of the northern sky, and the images it snapped are truly incredible. TESS is an exoplanet hunter, designed to detect planets orbiting distant stars. The spacecraft has already detected nearly 100 confirmed planets and over 1,000 exoplanet candidates. We know, logically, that the universe we live in is …

moon bases

NASA just shelled out $14M for space habitat tech

October 6th, 2020

NASA has partnered with a company that specializes in 3D printed homes and other structures to come up with a way to print structures on the lunar surface. NASA’s Artemis missions will send humans to the Moon, but in the distant future NASA wants a more permanent presence of humans on the Moon. The company …

how to avoid covid

NASA doctor shares crucial tips to keep you safe from COVID-19

October 6th, 2020

A former NASA medical advisor lays out her top tips for avoiding a coronavirus infection. Many of the tips include things we know can help protect us, like social distancing and wearing masks. The pandemic is still raging in many countries, including the United States. Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s been …

swearing parrots

Parrots with foul mouths forced to separate by zoo staff

October 5th, 2020

A group of parrots at a zoo in the UK have been separated after they began swearing at visitors and “setting each other off” with their foul language. The birds began teaching each other to swear and soon they were cursing up a storm, telling visitors to “f*ck off* and repeating other offensive phrases.  Visitors …