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The first Alexa phone was just released

Does the world need an Alexa phone when someday soon, every phone will be an Alexa phone? Huawei hopes that “someday” is far off in the distance, because Amazon’s trendy virtual personal assistant >>

Huawei made a gigantic new phone for Note 7 widowers

Before it began its second career as a spontaneous handwarmer, the Galaxy Note 7 was actually quite a good phone. The combination of big display, powerful graphics and a well-skinned version of Android >>

China’s latest smartphone might be a Note 7 killer

We’ve seen all kinds of leaks indicating the Galaxy Note 7 is going to be a pretty fantastic smartphone. But all Samsung’s bells and whistles will guaranteeably cost you serious money, money that >>

Everything Huawei announced at CES 2016 today

Huawei had a very busy day for itself at CES 2016 on Tuesday when it unveiled five new gadgets consisting of two smartwatches, two smartphones and a tablet. For your convenience, we’ve put >>