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NYPD deploys robot dog to home invasion call

February 24th, 2021

Highly-advanced robots powered by artificial intelligence show promise in a number of applications, including law enforcement.  The New York Police Department recently purchased a “digidog” robot, which is a version of the four-legged Spot robot from Boston Dynamics. The NYPD has wasted no time in deploying the robot, and it was recently used to respond …

Boston Dynamics

This video of Boston Dynamics robots dancing is so incredible

December 29th, 2020

Boston Dynamics has released a new video of its robots’ impressive capabilities — this time, showing off their dance moves. The new video released by Boston Dynamics shows its Atlas, Spot, and Handle robots dancing in sync to the song Do You Love Me. Boston Dynamics’ videos depicting its robots’ abilities always garner plenty of …

contact lens robot

This robot that removes contact lenses could be a game-changer

November 10th, 2020

A man has invented a contact lens robot that can remove and insert lenses for individuals who have trouble doing it with their fingers. Craig Hershoff created the bot after his unsteady hands made it difficult to remove his lenses at night.  The robot is currently in clinical trials and may soon gain FDA approval. …

coronavirus news

Singapore deployed a robot to stop people from spreading coronavirus

May 8th, 2020

A Spot robot built by Boston Dynamics is exploring a Singapore park to remind people of social distancing guidelines. The robot plays a recorded message that runs down the rules for interacting in public, including maintaining safe distances. Singapore is also using another Spot robot as a medicine delivery system for coronavirus patients. Visit BGR’s …

robot rubiks cube

This robotic hand taught itself to solve a Rubik’s Cube

October 15th, 2019

There are a number of very impressive examples of how artificial intelligence can accomplish things that humans simply can’t, but nothing is cooler than seeing AI married to robotics. OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research group that counts Elon Musk among its founders, has been working on honing the skills of its neural networks in various ways, …

Bottle Cap Challenge

Even a robot has now mastered the ridiculous Bottle Cap Challenge

July 13th, 2019

Over the past week or so, one celebrity after another has stepped up to offer their take on nailing the Bottle Cap Challenge. I thought Mariah Carey’s was particularly funny, as she used one of her signature high notes to seemingly de-cap a bottle. Regular people have likewise offered a number of creative takes on …

mars mole

NASA initiates plan to rescue its robot that’s stuck on Mars

July 2nd, 2019

NASA’s newest Mars robot has a serious problem. The InSight lander is a relative newcomer to the Red Planet, having safely arrived at its chosen destination late last year, but one of its most important instruments — a self-hammering “mole” tool that is designed to dig up to 16 feet beneath the dusty surface — …