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Android Wear

Google Nexus 2016 Smartwatches

Google is making two smarter ‘Nexus’ smartwatches

July 7th, 2016

Sure, smartwatches are smarter than your regular wristwatch, but Google plans to make them even smarter. Better yet, the company is working on a couple of Android Wear devices of its own. Are we finally getting the “Nexus” smartwatches that Google never made?

Blocks Modular Watch Release Date

The first Blocks modular smartwatch is available for preorder

June 9th, 2016

Remember the Blocks modular smartwatch concept? Well, the good news is that the product is no longer just a concept. After an impressive $1.6 million Kickstarter campaign, the company is ready to show off the final version of the product. Even better, you can preorder a Blocks watch right now, though the device launches only …

Android Wear Half Life

Here’s how to get Half-Life running on Android Wear

July 24th, 2015

One of the chief criticisms levied at the Apple Watch in particular, and at smartwatches in general, is that there’s not really much you can do on such a small screen. So while we’re still waiting for developers to figure out how to squeeze a compelling gaming experience onto a small display, how about we …

Moto 360: Android Wear to iPhone Connection

Video: Here’s how you can use the Moto 360 with an iPhone or iPad right now

May 11th, 2015

Google is supposedly working on making Android Wear smartwatches compatible with iPhone, which might be a clever way to combat Apple’s popular Apple Watch. However, while Google has yet to release Android Wear support for iOS, you can already connect Android Wear devices to iPhone and iPad. Now, a new video shows you exactly how to do it …

Apple Watch Vs. Android Wear Features

3 Android Wear features Apple should steal for the next Apple Watch

May 8th, 2015

The general consensus among early smartwatch adopters is that Android Wear has a lot to learn from the Apple Watch, although neither wearable platform is anywhere close to perfect. Mashable’s Ray Wong has written a feature on six things that Android Wear can do right now that the Apple Watch can’t and three of them seem …