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How Apple Watch stacks up against Android Wear, Pebble and others

April 8th, 2015 at 11:30 AM
Apple Watch vs. Pebble vs. Android Wear

The Apple Watch is the talk of the town when it comes to wearable devices, as Apple prepares to start taking preorders for the smartwatch this week. However, the Apple Watch isn’t the only smart device smartwatch buyers can consider, and CNET offers a comparison between Apple’s latest creation and its main competitors.

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Many companies have already released a variety of smartwatch designs, beating Apple’s Watch to market by several months, and even years. Of those, some of the most important smartwatches available in stores include the Pebble watch that’s available in a variety of versions, Android Wear devices built using Google’s wearable platform, as well as Samsung’s extensive collection of smartwatch designs running on different operating systems.

On top of those, CNET also highlights smart bands from Fitbit or Jawbone that can offer users Apple Watch-like fitness features.

Pebble’s smartwatches have been very popular with consumers and the company has shattered Kickstarter fundraising records twice with various Pebble designs. The devices work with both iOS and Android devices and have batteries that last for several days. However, Pebble devices have “more primitive black-and-white” screens and lack support for more complex apps.

Android Wear gadgets are more impressive than Pebble when it comes to design choices and hardware. Google partners including Motorola, LG, Samsung and Huawei have created a variety of Android Wear smartwatches which look different yet can offer the same set of features. The devices only work with Android smartphones so far, have support for plenty of Android applications, and feature color touchscreen displays.

Of Samsung’s smartwatch designs, CNET highlights the Samsung Gear S, a Tizen device that has a curved display and features phone-like capabilities thanks to the built-in SIM slot. Samsung’s wearables such as the Gear S feature support for fitness and health apps, as well as notifications, and can run other applications. However, they only work with Samsung smartphones.

The Apple Watch is in many ways similar to these smartwatch concepts, though it likely features a better build quality, as well as support for complex apps, including some unique Apple creations such as Apple Pay. The device, however, is only good for about a day of use and requires regular charging.

CNET’s in-depth look at the current smartwatch landscape can be accessed by following the source link below, with an Apple Watch review roundup available at this link.

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