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This huge Android fan hates even the prettiest Android Wear watch

Moto 360 Battery Issues

You might like what the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch looks like in pictures and fantasize about fitting one on your wrist soon, but it looks like the device may have some serious issues, if longtime Android fan and Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii is to be believed.

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“So I’ve had the Moto 360 for a day now, and my personal experience with it has been awful,” he wrote on Google Plus. “It’s easily the buggiest and most power hungry Android Wear device to date.”

The well-known Android enthusiast identified several issues with Motorola’s latest creation, saying that battery life is a major concern on the device, as the Moto 360’s battery discharges rather quickly.

“This is absolutely terrible. When they said you might need to recharge twice in one day, they weren’t joking,” Russakovskii said.

Furthermore, he identified issues with Bluetooth connectivity as well as app syncing but the most surprising conclusion is that the Moto 360 looks better on paper than in actual use, and that circular screens for smartwatches are rather confusing for the user.

“It doesn’t look nearly as awesome in person as it does in all the promos. My wife already said she’s not impressed and prefers the Gear Live look,” he said. “Circular screens, while looking awesome, lose out to rectangular ones when it comes to usability. Using a circular screen is just awkward. Things get cut off, and it just doesn’t feel right. [Your mileage may vary]. Your experience may be different, especially if it’s your first Wear watch.”

Russakovskii concluded that he’s going back to the Gear Live, one of Samsung’s six distinct smartwatches and the only one that’s running Android Wear. The full scathing Google+ Moto 360 review is available at the source link.

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