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Windows 10 will make old computers obsolete

Just because your computer can run Windows 10 with aplomb right now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to get all the Windows 10 versions that Microsoft will launch — and the company won’t >>

Why are Microsoft’s chatbots all assholes?

If artificial intelligence is indeed the future, then Microsoft needs to be sent to the remedial boarding school upstate. Just one year after shuttering teen chatbot Tay because it became a racist Nazi >>

MacOS rip-off feature delayed from next version of Windows

During Microsoft’s developer conference earlier this year, the company announced a raft of new features coming to Windows 10 in the “Fall Creators Update.” One of the few legitimately useful features was slated >>

Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo: Who won E3 2017?

Another E3 has come to a close, which means it’s time for the internet to rashly decide who won and who lost. As meaningless as this debate might appear on the surface, it >>