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iPhone and Android connected with a USB cable displaying WhatsApp app on the screen

Big WhatsApp update makes it easy to switch from iPhone to Android

October 27th, 2021

Facebook fixed one of the worst things about the WhatsApp app a couple of months ago when it announced that it’ll finally support chat history transfer from iPhone to Android. But the announcement came with a few obvious drawbacks. The chat transfers were not bidirectional, and that’s not something that surprised many people. If anything, …

WhatsApp Encrypted Backups

WhatsApp encrypted backups rolling out to iPhone and Android

October 15th, 2021

Facebook announced a month ago that WhatsApp’s rumored end-to-end encrypted backup feature would roll out to all iPhone and Android. The company explained how users will be able to encrypt their chat backups in iCloud and Google Drive, which will ensure that nobody will access the contents. Previously, WhatsApp backups stored in the cloud were …

WhatsApp Encrypted Backups

WhatsApp launches encrypted backups on iPhone and Android

September 10th, 2021

WhatsApp is one of the chat apps available on iPhone and Android that offers end-to-end encryption. That means that all instant messages, voice calls, and video calls are protected from snooping. Only the parties involved in a chat have access to the messages and contents exchanged on the platform. But WhatsApp backups are not encrypted …

WhatsApp iPhone Android

WhatsApp supports iPhone-to-Android chat transfers – with a few twists

August 12th, 2021

WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging app on mobile devices. It’s all thanks to a few great features that make WhatsApp almost a must-have app. WhatsApp comes with end-to-end encryption, just like iMessage and Signal. The encryption protects chats and calls, and backups will also be encrypted soon. The app is, therefore, an easy way …

WhatsApp Backup Encryption

WhatsApp backup encryption rolls out to beta testers on Android

July 19th, 2021

WhatsApp has just received a feature that people have wanted for years, the ability to run the popular chat app on other devices with the same account. A limited version of the multi-device support was already available to users. You can run WhatsApp on desktops, but only if there’s a permanent wireless connection to your …