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NASA’s SLS rocket tore open like a tin can

NASA destroyed its pricey Space Launch System rocket during testing, but it was totally planned.  The space agency has to push hardware beyond its limits to know just how much it can endure >>

SpaceX shares its vision for future Crew Dragon flights

SpaceX has had a busy year in 2019, but it’s gearing up for even greater things in 2020. The company will continue its regular schedule of satellite launches and missions for paying customers >>

Watch NASA’s 2020 Mars rover drive for the first time

NASA has spent years developing all the sensitive instruments the Mars 2020 rover will carry along with it during its trip to the Red Planet. Scientists hope those tools will reveal secrets about >>

SpaceX launches Starhopper after earlier failed attempt

SpaceX’s Starhopper has had an interesting week. It was initially supposed to take off from the company’s Texas launch facility on Monday evening, performing what is expected to be the last of its >>