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James Webb telescope found a new energy source in space that’s baffling scientists

Updated Oct 18th, 2022 1:15PM EDT
James Webb telescope
Image: Vadimsadovski / Adobe

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Scientists have been making a lot of intriguing discoveries with the James Webb space telescope. Webb’s first images gave us a detailed look at the early universe, and we’ve even detected carbon dioxide on an exoplanet with it. Some speculate that a mysterious energy source picked up by James Webb could entirely change things for renewable energy. Others, however, feel it could just be a normal phenomenon.

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In a new video, YouTuber Tech Life looks at the difference between dark matter and dark energy, as well as recent James Webb discoveries. Both of which have only become prominent in recent years. Dark matter has long been believed to make up most of the universe. As a result, scientists have spent decades trying to prove and discover its existence. This is where James Webb’s discoveries come into play.

Now that James Webb is working tirelessly, scientists could be closer than ever to finding some type of answer to what dark matter is, and what causes it. And there are things out there that keep baffling scientists, and James Webb is giving us a closer look at them. In this video, Tech Life discusses how it can be easy to jump to novel ideas when looking at James Webb’s discoveries.

However, the YouTuber says that most times we’re able to find the answers by looking at the already established laws of astronomy. This has often proven to be the case with James Webb’s discoveries, too. Whenever exotic signals have been detected, we’ve often been able to connect them to other known phenomena in some way.

It’s all in a constant state of discovery. And with James Webb’s discoveries, we’ve slowly learned more and more about our universe. You can also check out the video for more details on the topic. And, of course, keep up with the other discoveries Webb has made, like the first image of an exoplanet ever captured.

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