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Used Nokia Sales

That old Nokia phone in your attic might be worth $1,400

June 3rd, 2014

There is now organized resistance against the modern smartphone. And it appears to be quite lucrative. A website called Vintage Mobile offers a wide array of defiantly dumb phones from the era when Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson ruled the global handset market and there was a wide range of different designs and form factors. Refurbished models on …

Galaxy S5 vs Nokia Lumia

This is how Microsoft trolled Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Terminal in London

May 27th, 2014

Samsung has taken over Heathrow’s Terminal 5, one of the busiest terminals in the world, with Galaxy S5 ads and signs in a major marketing campaign promoting its recently launched flagship handset. As a result, Microsoft’s Nokia handset division, which used to enjoy similar prominent placement in the terminal, decided to troll its competitor.

Nokia X2 Details

Microsoft is getting ready to launch Android phones

May 20th, 2014

First things first: no, Microsoft is not ditching Windows Phone and switching to Android. Curiously, however, the brand new smartphone vendor apparently does have plans to develop and sell a line of Android-powered smartphones that will be offered alongside its newly acquired Windows Phone lineup from Nokia.

Best Smartphone Accessories Nokia Treasure Tags

Verizon is now selling the coolest smartphone accessory we’ve seen this year

May 13th, 2014

Most smartphone accessories are pretty forgettable but Nokia’s Treasure Tags are designed to make things memorable. Treasure Tags, a new accessory that Nokia first unveiled this past February, are matchbox-sized tags that you can attach to your keys, wallet and other important items to make sure they never get lost. The tags, which are now technically Microsoft …

Apple Beats Acqusition

Apple suddenly looks a lot like Nokia

May 9th, 2014

A mobile phone company became the leading brand in the world with shocking speed, electrified by the leadership of a charismatic, ruthless CEO. After that CEO stepped down, the company still continued going strong, dominating smartphone sales and refining its products. But the new CEO lacked true vision and revenue growth started showing worrisome signs of …

History Of Nokia Cell Phones

One last look at the fantastic history of Nokia cell phones

May 2nd, 2014

For nearly a decade, Nokia was synonymous with the cell phone industry. From the classic, boxy, featureless phones all the way up through the Lumia line, Nokia attempted to evolve along with the market it had a hand in creating. But by the time the Android operating system and the iPhone hit the scene, it was too …

Stephen Elop Nokia Memo

Elop denies he was Ballmer’s plant at Nokia

April 28th, 2014

As tempting as it might be to believe the Grand Elop Conspiracy theory, the man at the center of it all insists that it’s not true. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley notices that former Nokia CEO and current Microsoft exec Stephen Elop was asked during a question-and-answer session on Monday to react to accusations that he …

Nokia Superman Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

Nokia’s rumored ‘Superman’ smartphone is coming soon to save our selfies

April 28th, 2014

Microsoft will reportedly launch a new Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 handset that will focus on selfies, no pun intended. The Verge has learned that the Nokia device code-named “Superman” will feature a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, a significant improvement compared to most other handsets. Additionally, the handset will feature a 4.7-inch display and mid-ranged specs, according to the site.