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Survey: The cord cutters’ club keeps growing

As alternatives to cable television have become ubiquitous over the past several years, cable subscribers have begun to question whether the monthly fee is worth paying. Although “cutting the cord” (a.k.a.: dropping cable) >>

Big Brother is watching, and he wants to sell you a new car

Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” painted a scary picture of the future in a number of ways. For privacy advocates, one of several nightmarish technologies used in the film allowed outdoor signs and billboards >>

Microsoft leading Apple and Google in TV race

According to a new report from Forrester Research, Microsoft is leading both Apple and Google in the TV and home entertainment sector, The New York Times reported on Wednesday. While Apple and Google >>

Sony and Panasonic in talks to make OLED TVs

Sony and Panasonic are reportedly in talks to develop the technology needed to mass produce next-generation OLED televisions, according to Reuters. The two companies would be playing catch up to their South Korean >>

Samsung HDTVs most popular among consumers

U.S. consumers are more interested in Samsung HDTV models than any other brand, according to a recent study from ABI Research. The South Korean manufacturer captured the top spot with 20% of respondents citing >>

Over 1 million U.S. cable subscribers cut the cord in 2011

More than 1 million cable television subscribers in the United States canceled their service in 2011, opting instead for online films and TV shows available through services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Nearly 2.65 >>