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iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display

Apple is upgrading the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display

November 15th, 2022

The always-on displays of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max received mixed reviews from early adopters. iOS 16’s always-on display mode dims the screen, but your wallpaper is still visible and notifications continue to pop up. Some users found all the visual effects to be distracting and ended up turning off one …

Google Pixel 7 Pro Front

iPhone 14 Pro Max crushes Pixel 7 Pro in new speed test

October 31st, 2022

All of the noteworthy flagship smartphones that are usually released in the second half of the calendar year are now out in stores. This year’s list includes the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the iPhone 14, and the Pixel 7 series. As a result, users are putting them through various tests to compare them, including the …

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

Extensive test compares iPhone 14 5G speeds to iPhone 13

October 26th, 2022

All iPhone 14 models offer a speedier 5G connection when compared to the iPhone 13 series counterpart. A month after the new models have been released, an extensive test shows that customers all over the globe are getting a speedier 5G connection with the latest iPhone models.

iPhone 14 Pro on a throw

iPhone 14 Pro battery life leaves Android flagships in the dust

October 19th, 2022

iPhone owners over the years have made it clear that, on the whole, they’d much rather have a slightly thicker device if it results in longer battery life. And Apple, to its credit, has delivered in this respect. iPhone battery life these days is typically best in class, and with the iPhone 14 Pro lineup, …

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

Producing iPhone 14 series is 20% more expensive than previous gen

October 7th, 2022

Before Apple introduced the iPhone 14 series last month, rumors believed the company would increase the price point of the new models due to supply chain issues and inflation. After the “Far Out” event, we learned that Apple didn’t change the price of the newer iPhones, although they are now more expensive to be made, …

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max color options.

Look at these stunning amateur Milky Way photos shot on iPhone 14 Pro Max

September 28th, 2022

If there’s one area where Apple consistently struggles to blow away the competition, it’s the photography. Apple’s homegrown processors might be incredibly powerful and its operating system might be more secure than Android, but camera comparisons often show that Galaxy and Pixel phones match or even surpass the newest iPhone, the iPhone 14. That may …