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Viral Videos

Killer Drone Flying Chainsaw

Watch a chainsaw drone wreak havoc in the skies

April 4th, 2016

How do Finnish farmers keep themselves occupied during the winter months up north? Apparently, they put their creative energies to work and come up with unusual projects, such as a killer drone that has a chainsaw attached to it. As you’ll see in the following clip, the flying chainsaw drone might sound crazy at first – …

Best YouTube Channels Let's Melt This

There’s an addictive new YouTube channel dedicated solely to melting stuff

March 29th, 2016

Not a day goes by when I don’t praise the heavens for YouTube. Why? Because without YouTube, countless oddballs who have strange fetishes for crushing things with hydraulic presses and pouring molten copper onto food would never be able to share their passions with the world. I recently discovered yet another addictive YouTube channel that’s …

Helicopter Jailbreak Canada Video

Ridiculous helicopter jailbreak attempt gets caught on video

March 23rd, 2016

The following video isn’t an action sequence from a future Die Hard movie. It’s a video that was just released to the public that shows a daring and hilarious helicopter escape from jail that happened three years ago in Canada. The video, obtained by Journal de Montreal shows how two inmates tried to climb on top of the …