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Wicked funny video: Bostonian has epic freak out after seeing a ‘sea monstah’

Published Sep 23rd, 2015 2:53PM EDT
Boston Sun Fish Sea Monster Video

There’s nothing better than a Boston townie who completely lives up to every stereotype. Bostonian Michael Bergin went fishing last week when he spotted a large sun fish off the side of his boat. He proceeded to completely lose his mind about the creature and he referred to it alternatively as a “giant turtle,” a “baby whale,” a “tuna,” a “floundah” and, finally, a “monstah.” He also can’t seem to decide whether he wants to help the fish (“It needs help, dude, whatever it is, it’s dying!”) or to kill it (“We can get some big money from that if it’s a f—ing fish, man… let’s f—ing hook that s— and we’ll be on the f—ing news, man!”)

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Bergin and his buddy tried reeling the fish in with a fishing rod but this tactic doesn’t seem very smart (smaht?) since sun fish weigh at least 500 pounds and can weigh well over a ton. This didn’t stop them from trying, however, and their families must be wicked proud, dude.

Check out the whole video below — it’s wicked funny, and very NSFW (language).

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