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Viral Videos

Big Mac Molten Copper Viral Video

Viral video shows what happens when you douse a Big Mac with molten copper

March 15th, 2016

The Internet is wonderful because everyone who has a strange hobby can film it and become an instant celebrity on YouTube. YouTube user Tito4re, for example, seems to really enjoy taking food and drenching it in molten copper. We recently highlighted his video showing what happens when you pour molten copper onto a jawbreaker and now …

Wintergatan Marble Music Machine Viral Video

This gigantic machine uses 2,000 marbles to make sweet, sweet music

March 2nd, 2016

Lou Reed had Metal Machine Music. Musician and inventor Martin Molin has Marble Machine Music. Molin, who is a member of Swedish musical act Wintergatan, has designed a gigantic machine that is an enormously complex music box that circulates around 2,000 marbles through a series of chutes and directs them to fall on particular vibraphone bars, bass guitar strings and …

Molten Copper Poured On Jawbreaker Video

Jawbreaker gets doused with molten copper, remains disturbingly intact

February 26th, 2016

Eating a jawbreaker is a rite de passage for any kid growing up. Having the patience to keep a giant ball of sugar in your mouth until it’s small enough to bite into is something that everyone should try at least once before becoming an adult. That said, a new video has made me rethink the …

Helicopter Crash Video Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Scary helicopter crash landing caught on camera in Hawaii

February 19th, 2016

We can’t get enough of scary landings caught on camera here at BGR and this morning we found one of a helicopter that made an emergency crash landing into the ocean at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Posted by YouTube user Shawn Winrich, the video shows a tourist helicopter stalling midair and then crashing down near …

Darwin Awards Twitter Account Videos

The ultimate video collection of the stupidest people on the Internet

February 16th, 2016

The Internet is chock full of videos featuring people doing incredibly stupid things and paying a hilariously painful price for their actions. But don’t you wish there was a one-stop location you could go to see all of the Internet’s stupidest people all in one place? Well wish no more because you’re going to want to follow …