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Analysts have no idea if smartwatches are dying or not

Gather round children, for I have a tale of two analytics companies. One says that smartwatch shipments plummeted by over 50 percent last year, while the other claims that sales are up by >>

Irony: Android SmartWatch doesn’t even run Android

“Android SmartWatch” would be a very apropos name for Google’s own smartwatch, but that’s not going to happen, as such a product already exists. Sadly for Android fans, the Android SmartWatch doesn’t have >>

Wearable computers: The new 3D TVs?

It’s amazing to think that it was only four years ago that the most hyped product to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show was a new batch of 3D televisions that the >>

Vertu founder now working on high-end Metawatch smartwatch

Metawatch has hired famed Nokia and Vertu designer Frank Nuovo to work on future devices for the company. Metawatch currently sells two smartwatch designs including the Strata (pictured above) and the Frame, which >>