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LG G7 Release Date

This is probably what LG’s iPhone X clone will look like

April 2nd, 2018

LG is working on its own iPhone X clone, and that’s hardly a secret. A prototype was shown behind closed doors at MWC 2018, and we’ve seen several other leaks showing the G7-with-a-notch. A few days ago, a Reddit account belonging to LG asked fans what they think about the notch, before deleting the thread …

LG G7 vs. iPhone X

Hilarious: LG asked Reddit’s Android users what they think about the notch, then deleted the post

March 30th, 2018

The iPhone X notch cloning business is getting ridiculous, especially when Android makers pretend they’re not copying Apple. Companies like Asus and Huawei went ahead and launched notched devices while taking hits at the iPhone maker and bragging their notch designs are betters. Smaller Chinese companies also unveiled iPhone X clones without explaining their design …

LG G7 vs. iPhone X

The notch on LG’s iPhone X clone will disappear when you want it to

March 15th, 2018

The iPhone X’s notch will play a huge role in the future of Android phones, and the first Android P developer release cements that idea. Google’s next major Android update will support this particular display design. But even before Android P debuts, we’ll see plenty of iPhone X clones launch with their own notch variation. …

LG G7 Release Date

Good lord, Android phone makers, please just stop

March 14th, 2018

Seriously, LG, this is just embarrassing. We know small China-based smartphone makers are busy churning out iPhone X copycats as quickly as they can (or should we say Essential PH-1 copycats, as some crazy Android fanboys would have you believe). We also know that some larger China- and Taiwan-based companies are jumping on the copycat …

LG G7 Release Date

LG hits back against reports that its 2018 flagship will be delayed

January 25th, 2018

LG launched a great phone early last year, the LG G6, and then the Galaxy S8 came along and killed it. That was LG’s own doing, as the company hurried to market with half-baked 2017 flagship handset that packed a 2016 flagship processor. LG tried to take advantage of the Galaxy S8 delayed caused by …

iPhone X 2018 Rumors

This year’s iPhone X models tipped to have even bigger batteries

January 25th, 2018

Of course, we expect better battery life from this year’s iPhones, just as we expect them to be faster than their predecessors and to introduce novel features. Often, the battery life increases are achieved through efficiency savings, but a new report says that the follow-up iPhone X that Apple launches this year will have a …

LG Foldable Phone

LG also wants to make phones that can fold into tablets

January 19th, 2018

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X concept keeps making the news, but Samsung isn’t going to be the only company to launch devices with foldable screens that can switch between phone and tablet modes with ease. ZTE has already launched such a concept, and Apple is supposedly developing one with LG to keep it a secret from …