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Get ready to eat bugs! No, seriously…

With climate change and a booming population, humans may soon need an alternative food source. A team of researchers argues that bugs — specifically the yellow mealworm — is the ideal candidate for >>

An autonomous Mayflower is about to sail the Atlantic

An autonomous ship named the Mayflower will attempt a journey across the Atlantic in early 2021. The solar-powered ship will be steered by artificial intelligence.  Autonomous ships of the future could be used >>

Scientists invent a robot that can taste with its fingers

As the relentless march of technology continues unabated, robots have grown more and more complex. They’re capable of mimicking humans with increasing accuracy, but there are still a few things that set us >>

NASA wants you to make stuff it can send to the Moon

As we’ve known for several months now, NASA is headed back to the Moon. The administration will be sending all manner of instruments to the lunar surface to study the natural satellite in >>