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5 exciting new Netflix releases you don’t want to miss next week

Published Sep 30th, 2023 12:21PM EDT
Fair Play on Netflix
Image: Netflix

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I don’t know that Netflix has necessarily spent the last several months banking its biggest titles to all drop in the fourth quarter, saving its best content for some sort of end-of-year blowout. But perusing the streamer’s release slate for both the week ahead as well as the rest of the quarter, it’s hard not to come to that conclusion. I mean, we’ve got everything from the anime Scott Pilgrim Takes Off in November to director Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon space drama landing on the Netflix app in December. And as for the biggest and best Netflix releases coming much sooner — over the next week — that’s what this post is all about.

Movie lovers, documentary enthusiasts, and K-dramas fans, there are Netflix releases especially for you coming over the next few days. We’ll cover it all below in our latest week-ahead snapshot, as part of our ongoing coverage of the service that’s intended to help you figure out what to watch next.

New Netflix movies galore

If you’re like me and prefer watching movies to TV shows, since the former involves much less of a time commitment, the upcoming week is looking especially promising as far as new Netflix releases go. There are a handful of intriguing movies on the horizon, including:

Fair Play (Oct. 13)

Fair Play on Netflix
Alden Ehrenreich as Luke and Phoebe Dynevor as Emily in “Fair Play.” Image source: Netflix

First up is what Netflix is positioning as an “erotic thriller” starring Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor Alden Ehrenreich (mostly recently seen as a Senate aide in Oppenheimer). In the workplace drama Fair Play, a surprise promotion at a hedge fund strains a young couple’s relationship. From the official Netflix synopsis: “When a coveted promotion at a cutthroat financial firm arises, once supportive exchanges between lovers Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) begin to sour into something more sinister.

“As the power dynamics irrevocably shift in their relationship, the couple must face the true price of success and the unnerving limits of ambition. In her feature debut, writer-director Chloe Domont weaves a taut relationship thriller, staring down the destructive gender dynamics that pit partners against each other in a world that is transforming faster than the rules can keep up.”

Reptile (now streaming)

Reptile on Netflix
Benicio del Toro as Tom Nichols in “Reptile.” Image source: Kyle Kaplan/Netflix

This next one is for all the True Detective fans out there.

In Reptile, a new movie from director Grant Singer that got its world premiere in recent days at the Toronto International Film Festival, Benicio del Toro plays a hard-bitten detective who’s haunted by what he describes as a “real nightmare” of a murder. As he works to get to the bottom of that murder (of a real estate agent), nothing about the case is as it seems.

The cast includes Justin Timberlake and Alicia Silverstone — and, for the first time in his career, Del Toro also has a screenplay credit on the movie. He both starred and co-wrote the script with Singer and Benjamin Brewer. “The collaboration was a lot of fun,” Del Toro said in a Netflix interview. “Once we knew where we needed the story to land, then the question becomes, ‘How do we get there? How do we make it interesting?’ We did research and tried to make it as real as possible. We talked about movies and storytelling with certain films as references. One that comes to mind is In Cold Blood.”

Ballerina (Oct. 6)

Ballerina on Netflix
Jun Jong-seo as Jang Ok-ju in Netflix’s “Ballerina.” Image source: Yoo Eun Mi/Netflix

I can count on one hand the number of Korean films that really impressed me, to the same degree as Netflix’s endless pile of Korean dramas like Squid Game and Crash Landing on You. Kill Boksoon, for example, is a rare exception to the laundry list of Netflix’s meh Korean movies — and the forthcoming Ballerina, thankfully, looks like another we’ll be able to add to that list.

This crime saga from director Lee Chung Hyun reunites Money Heist: Korea actors Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Ji Hoon and tells the story of a ruthless bodyguard who risks her life for a close friend. Debuting at the 28th Busan International Film Festival, the movie promises heart-pounding action and an emotional rollercoaster ride that puts its main character through a series of high-octane action sequences.

Okju is an ex-bodyguard, and the story takes a dark turn when she finds a letter from her friend that begs for vengeance. That leads Okju to hunt down Choi, a man responsible for the death of her friend.

Image source: Netflix

The film’s main poster, with its neon color palette, hints at the aesthetic and vibe in store for viewers. Okju, dressed in her friend’s ballet clothes, holds a gun and stares unwaveringly at the viewer — conveying a steely resolve that will guide her in her dark quest for vengeance.

More new Netflix releases to add to your watch list

As for what other releases are hitting Netflix over the next several days that we think are worth checking out, there’s at least one new Netflix documentary to add to your watch list if you’re a soccer fan — as well as a new season of a fan-favorite Netflix drama from France about a beloved gentleman thief.

Beckham (Oct. 4)

Image source: Netflix

He’s one of the biggest soccer stars on the planet, and this four-part Netflix docuseries treats viewers to the inside story of the life and success of David Beckham — who came from a humble, working-class beginning in East London and whose drive and grit helped him strike that magic balance between ambition, success, love, and family.

“David’s story is one of immense ups and downs,” Netflix explains. “The series takes you on that rollercoaster and builds a surprising, personal, and definitive story of one of the most recognizable and scrutinized athletes of all time.”

The crew behind the show were granted unprecedented access to not only David but also his wife Victoria — as well as his family, friends, and teammates — to produce this intimate portrait of a successful athlete that also serves as an analysis of modern celebrity culture.

Lupin Part 3 (Oct. 5)

Lupin on NetflixImage source: Netflix

Last but not least, there’s always been something addictive, kinetic, and impossible to dislike about this final Netflix release — the third season of French heist drama Lupin, wherein the title character Assane Diop plays a sort of Robin Hood-style gentleman thief. It’s fun, stylish, and action-packed, and includes tons of wanderlust-inducing footage of Paris, to boot.

The last time we saw Assane, he was running from the police. Filthy rich mogul Hubert Pellegrini framed Assane for murder, while Assane also revealed a major insurance fraud perpetrated by Hubert — the same man, by the way, who framed Assane’s father and got him sent to prison years ago. Given his status as a wanted man, Assane leaves his son and his ex and goes into hiding.

Explains Netflix, about Assane learning to live far away from his wife and son: “With the suffering they endure because of him, Assane can’t stand it any longer and decides to return to Paris to make them a crazy proposal: leave France and start a new life elsewhere. But the ghosts of the past are never far away, and an unexpected return will turn his plans upside down.”

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